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Family Wellness Program in New Jersey

Supporting You As You Support Your Loved One

Do you have a family member or loved one who is struggling with substance abuse? At Turning Point, we understand the pain and anxiety you are going through. Our New Jersey drug and alcohol addiction treatment center has been serving patients since 1975.

In our 40+ years of experienced service, we’ve been able to help many patients achieve freedom from addiction. We view supporting their family members and loved ones as an integral part of our mission.

You Don’t Need to Go Far for Quality Treatment

Our Turning Point facilities are located throughout New Jersey, which provides our patients with a unique advantage. With various locations, getting treatment with family support nearby has never been easier for you or your loved ones. Stay close to your family to ensure their best opportunity for a successful recovery. Visit our locations page to find a nearby Turning Point center today, or call us directly for more information.

What If My Loved One Doesn’t Want Help?

Your family member or loved one may not be accepting of help at this point. We can still help you. Even if your loved one has not yet decided to address his or her addiction, our programs can help and support you during this time.

Addiction Freedom There’s no better time than the present, and we’re here to help you break free.

If you would like more information about our family programs, please call our office at (973) 380-0905.

Our Family Programs at Turning Point

At Turning Point, we offer two family programs:

The Family Wellness Program – This program is designed to assist and support those with loved ones who are battling addiction. Whether your loved one is in treatment or not, our support group is here to assist you with the struggles you have had living with someone who is addicted to alcohol or drugs. This group meets at our Verona location. We cover topics such as the disease of addiction, how this disease impacts sufferers and family members, and how to begin healing whatever your loved one chooses to do. This program includes individual counseling and family therapy.

The Family Education & Visitation Program – Family members are required to attend this program in order to visit their loved ones who are undergoing treatment in our residential programs. In our Family Education & Visitation Program, we provide education about the disease of addiction and the ways it affects sufferers and their families. You can receive answers to your questions from an experienced professional in this support group, and begin the process of healing and facilitating long-term recovery for your loved one.

Call (973) 380-0905 to speak with someone from our NJ drug & alcohol rehab center today!

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