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OxyContin and Percocet are two of the most powerful prescription painkillers on the market. Both use Oxycodone as the primary substance, and both can be extremely dangerous if addiction is triggered.

Are you or a loved one struggling with an OxyContin addiction in New Jersey? Turning Point can help you turn that addiction around and regain happiness and health in your day-to-day life. There is no such thing as an addiction too strong to overcome, not when you have the support and guidance of our excellent and renowned rehab/detox team!

We can help you fight OxyContin addiction with these treatments and more:

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Common Signs of OxyContin Addiction

Someone who is addicted to OxyContin or Percocet will often exhibit these signs:

  • Constant craving for another dose
  • Unable to feel happy when not “high” on the drug
  • Letting work, school, and relationships decline to pursue another dose
  • Losing significant finances to continue using the drug

People who are addicted to OxyContin often do not realize it because of the euphoric feeling the drug produces when it is active in their system. They convince themselves that it must be okay if it “feels good.” They do not pay attention to or accept that the terrible feelings they experience in between doses are caused by the drug, not necessarily by its absence.

Health Risks of OxyContin Abuse

Abusing an oxycodone-based prescription medication is not safe. You must always follow your doctor’s prescription. If you have taken OxyContin or Percocet outside of a prescription’s guidelines, then you are likely addicted to it, and you are risking your health.

Long-term abuse or a large dose of OxyContin can cause:

  • Seizures
  • Heart failure
  • Respiratory failure
  • Mania

If you have been prescribed OxyContin and are worried it could put your health at risk, then you should reach out to your treating physician immediately to discuss using an alternative painkiller or medication. It is not advised that you stop taking prescription medication of any kind without first talking to your doctor.

Detox for OxyContin Addictions

Stopping “cold turkey” when fighting an OxyContin addiction can be unsafe. Withdrawal symptoms can include an even worse risk of experiencing some sort of cardiorespiratory event like a heart attack. To safely fight OxyContin addiction, you should seek the help of our detoxification program, which we make available to our patients after a careful intake process.

During oxycodone detox, you will be in a medical setting with our knowledgeable and comforting specialists. Typically, a similar painkiller or oxycodone itself is provided to you in a small amount at controlled intervals. This process allows you to safely discontinue OxyContin or Percocet use altogether, but not necessarily all at once.

Again, detox is not for everyone. We always want to get to know each person who comes to our doors before deciding on a treatment option. Indeed, you should be a part of creating your treatment plan to increase its chances of working for you.

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Turning Point is here to help you find a brighter tomorrow without the overbearing shadow of OxyContin addiction. You deserve it. You can have it. First, you have to stand up and say that you are stronger than your addiction. The good news is that we’re here to support you and amplify your voice!

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