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How to Afford Drug or Alcohol Rehab

Turning Point

Acknowledging you are dependent on drugs or alcohol is one of the hardest things to do. However, when you finally do realize you have an illness that needs treatment, it can be just as frightening facing some of the costs of rehabilitation. Both inpatient and outpatient programs can be expensive. Many individuals suffering with addiction do not seek the appropriate help they need because they believe they cannot afford it. However, at Turning Point, we find the cost of rehabilitation is worth the recovery. Because we want everyone to seek the treatment they need, we offer various payment options for patients.


Many individuals have the money to spend on detox treatment programs. They can use their income or savings to finance their recovery. However, for those who do not have the funds readily available, they can ask their friends and family. There is no shame in receiving help. And most family would willingly help towards recovery.

Private Financing

For those who do not have the funds available to pay for rehab, but are committed to their recovery, they can opt for obtaining a loan. The extra monthly payments will not seem like a great burden when you are sober.

Sliding Scale Fee

At Turning Point, we believe everyone should have access to effective treatment plans. That is why we offer sliding scale fees. This means that we would be willing to adjust the cost of recovery to better accommodate a person’s income.

Private Insurance

Many times, insurance companies cover the costs of alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs. We have a list of insurance plans that we accept. This can be a cost effective way to obtain the care you need.

State Funded Programs

If you were convicted of criminal charges because of your addiction, the court may assign you to attend a treatment initiative rather than serve a jail sentence. Drug Court, Recovery and Rebuilding Initiative (RRI), and South Jersey Initiative (SJI) all require individuals to obtain help with their addiction, rather than criminally punishing them.

If you or a loved one suffer with drug or alcohol addiction, call our New Jersey drug and alcohol rehab centers today. We can help you figure out financing options and lead you on the road to recovery! Contact us today!