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5 Tips for Resisting Temptation After Overcoming Drug or Alcohol Addiction

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breaking addiction tileWhen it comes to drug or alcohol detox and recovery, overcoming any kind of addiction is difficult. Even before starting a program, making the decision to get sober is a tough one to do.

But what happens after you have actually reached a point with which you are happy? What happens when you are sober?

The battle doesn’t stop there, unfortunately, and there are going to be many more instances in which you are left struggling to maintain your sobriety. It is crucial that you understand ways to resist temptation and maintain your road to recovery, no matter the situation. This is why we have provided some tips to help you.

Tip #1: Accept That There Will Be Struggles

One of the reasons some people relapse and either use drugs or drink alcohol again is because they feel caught off-guard by the cravings and they don’t know how to deal with them. You should know that these urges are normal and just about everyone who has had to detox or go through recovery has dealt with them. The key to staying sober during this time is to recognize the struggles and have a plan of action when you have cravings.

Tip #2: Delay Any Actions

If you feel tempted to use drugs or drink again, try to delay as much as possible. These cravings often disappear over some time. If you think about them, they will remain until you feed into them, but trying to delay the urge and doing something else may give you enough time for the craving to disappear, letting you forget about them completely.

Tip #3: Avoid Places & People Putting Your Sobriety in Danger

To resist temptation, you can completely avoid those people or places that used to feed into your addiction. Sometimes, there are people who you may have been around while drinking or using drugs, or places you went that you knew you could drink or use. You can do yourself a huge service by avoiding them. This way, you are also keeping yourself away from bad influences that would most likely encourage you to fall back into old habits.

Tip #4: Substitute Your Cravings

When you think about using drugs or drinking alcohol again, think of some other activity that you can do that would make you feel better. For instance, go for a walk or read a new book. Oftentimes, by occupying your mind with more positive things, you can lessen the cravings. Plan for these moments by making a list of things you can do. You’ll feel more prepared and won’t have to stress thinking of the next steps to take.

Tip #5: Surround Yourself with Supportive People

If you find yourself in a situation that may trigger your cravings, you will want to make sure you have supportive people around you, keeping your best interests in mind. Many people who relapse do so because they don’t have people around them trying to prevent the habit from creeping back up. When you keep others around you and supporting you, they can either keep your mind off the cravings or remove you from the situation, preserving your sobriety.

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