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Types of Treatment for Painkiller Addiction

Turning Point, Inc.

painkillersPainkiller addiction is an affliction many individuals suffer from, often originating from opiates prescribed for pain as a result of an injury. Opiate use may continue long after recovery from an illness or injury and the individual may develop a dependency on prescribed painkillers. This is an addiction that often has a slow progression, rendering its signs less easy to distinguish compared to drug addictions. Abuse of painkillers do not always stem from a legitimate medical need, but regardless of the reasoning behind its usage, one should seek treatment to avoid the damages of long-term use or the possibility of an overdose.

Depending on an individual’s circumstances, different types of treatment may be appropriate for addressing his or her addiction to painkillers. For prolonged opiate dependency, the detox process is crucial and an inpatient rehab center may safely wean an addict off drugs and teach necessary coping skills to avoid relapsing in the future. It is best not to attempt detoxification alone due to possible severe withdrawal side effects that may pose a danger to the individual’s health. Some of these inpatient programs may involve gradual lower doses of opiates to prevent complications that may occur if one were to stop taking painkillers entirely.

Intensive outpatient rehab is another treatment program some painkiller addicts may benefit from. Even in this setting, they are closely monitored and may similarly receive small doses of painkillers to slowly adjust and eventually stop usage. For both of these programs, counseling is an imperative aspect of sustainable recovery since treating any coexisting mental health concerns is just as important as treating the addiction itself.

Turning Point is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that offers a wide range of treatment programs, such as detoxification programs, short term residential programs, outpatient treatment, transitional living, and more, providing care for those suffering from addiction to painkillers, alcohol, heroin, or other drug addictions.

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