Does Insurance Cover Drug Detox

Can My Health Insurance Cover Drug & Alcohol Detox Treatments & Rehab?

In many situations, the only way a person can fight off a drug or alcohol addiction that has significantly lessened their quality of life is by checking into a treatment program or detoxification (detox) facility. Through a deliberate focus on life improvement and the elimination of unhealthy habits, rehabilitative courses can be incredibly successful for the average recovering addict. Utilizing a detox program also decreases the chances that a drug or alcohol addicted individual will recede, or begin substance abuse again in the future.

However, despite the many benefits of detox programs, addiction treatments, and rehabilitation facilities, many people do not seek out this help out of fear they cannot afford it. They do not realize that their own insurance might be accepted at a clinic or care center, which could mitigate the majority of the treatment costs.

Does insurance help cover my rehab? In short, yes, many insurance plans including Medicare and Medicaid provide coverage for substance abuse detox and rehab programs, though this will vary by state and individual policy.

Will My Health Insurance Help Cover My Drug or Alcohol Detox?

Medicaid/Medicare: As of 2021, Medicaid programs typically do provide coverage for detox programs and rehab centers, though coverage will vary depending on a person's specific plan and individual state policies. The costs of substance abuse treatment may vary between Medicaid health insurance members by state. Therefore, a person who only has Medicaid will most likely be able to find insurance coverage for these crucial treatment options. The same is also true for Medicare in most situations.

Private Health Insurance: There are many private health insurance options that do work with alcohol and drug detox programs. People who know that rehabilitation is a necessity may want to first look into their insurance situations to see if they have some sort of coverage. Many of these private insurance groups are actually provided through employment so they can be easier obtained than it might seem.

If you are purchasing insurance through your workplace, or if your employer offers it for free as an employment benefit, talk to a representative at work or with that insurer for more information about your coverage. You may be able to add on detox care coverage to a preexisting plan as well.

Health Insurance Companies That Work with Turning Point, Inc.

The last thing you should have to worry about when dealing with alcohol or drug addiction is the final cost of treatment, detox programs, and rehabilitation. To make it easier on our clients to get the help they need in tough times, Turning Point, Inc. accepts a variety of private, non-Medicaid insurance plans.

You can enjoy some insurance coverage at Turning Point, Inc. if you have:

  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross / Blue Shield-Magellan
  • Cigna
  • Empire Blue Cross
  • Horizon Bluecross Blueshield of New Jersey
  • Magnacare
  • Qualcare
  • UBH / Oxford
  • Medicaid

Over 45+ years Helping Individuals Recover from Addiction in NJ

Our New Jersey addiction treatment facility has been a trusted name in detox and rehab for more than 45+ years. We are proud to be able to say that our staff is so well trained and our clinic is so well organized that we successful help an average of 3,700 clients annually.

To learn how we can help you overcome a serious addiction, please do not hesitate to contact us online or call (973) 380-0905 to begin.

*We also offer flexible financing options for clients who do not have private insurance that covers rehabilitation programs.

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