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Are sneezing and coughing common symptoms of drug withdrawal?

Drug withdrawal symptoms vary from person to person. You should consult a medical professional if you have concerns about your symptoms, and we strongly encourage you to enroll in a professional detoxification facility for the best results.

That being said, some people experience withdrawal symptoms that mimic symptoms of the common cold, or sometimes the flu. For example, within the first few hours of your detox or withdrawal, you may experience sneezing, nausea, and general feelings of uneasiness.

Can Opiates Suppress Chronic Cough?

Some people argue that opiates can suppress chronic cough (although the effect of opiates in intractable chronic cough has never been studied), some people believe that detoxification from drugs can bring back a cough that may have been suppressed by the drug use.

Mental Health Daily also suggests that withdrawal symptoms will differ depending on whether a person quits cold turkey or opts for replacement therapy, how addicted a person is, the dosage the person was accustomed to using, and the length of time the person was using drugs.

WebMD lists withdrawal symptoms for both alcohol and drugs, naming everything from anxiety and shakiness to vomiting and seizures. Because drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms can sometimes be life-threatening, individuals are strongly encouraged to seek professional help in a detoxification facility.

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