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Turning Point: FAQ

Treatment for Drug & Alcohol Dependency in New Jersey

Turning Point is a drug and alcohol addiction recovery center that has been serving New Jersey residents since 1975. We offer various programs for patients including detoxification, short-term residential programs, and outpatient treatment, as well as family wellness services and transitional living. This page contains answers to some of the questions we most frequently receive.

If you have further questions, our New Jersey drug and alcohol addiction treatment center can be reached between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.; call our office at (973) 380-0905.

How Do I Get to Turning Point?

Visit our locations page for directions to our four different locations.

What May I Bring With Me?

Once you are scheduled to our program and before you arrive, our staff will give you a list of items you will not be permitted to bring for admission with you. The same list will be included in your Patient Handbook and at your program orientation.

Detoxification patients may bring only five days’ worth of clothes. You may not bring books, magazines, cell phones, radios, portable music devices, or gum. Important note regarding cigarettes: There are four smoke breaks per day. Patients who want to smoke cigarettes should bring cigarettes with them when they arrive. No rolled cigarettes or cigars.

May I Have Visitors?

We encourage our patients to involve their loved ones in their treatment and recovery efforts. Visitors are welcome to attend our family program/visitation hours. Families and loved ones are contacted by a Primary Counselor with details regarding days and times.

Please note: Patients may not have visitors while they are in detox.

May I Call My Family?

Your Primary Counselor will help you arrange calls to your family.

What Are Turning Point’s Fees? What if I Can’t Afford to Pay for Treatment?

Turning Point offers services on a sliding fee scale basis. Learn more about our financing options or contact our staff for more information.

How Long Is Your Program?

For patients in our detoxification program, the average length of stay varies depending upon the severity of their condition. Our short-term residential programs vary in length of stay; treatments typically range between 24 and 45 days. Some stays may be longer or shorter, depending on individual circumstance.

May I Leave for My Court Date?

We make every effort to comply with our patients’ legal obligations, including court appearances. We do, however, try to arrange for postponement of court dates until treatment is completed if at all possible. The one exception is for detoxification patients, who may not leave while they are under a doctor’s care and on medications.

What Type of Accreditation or Licensing Does Your Program Have?

Turning Point is fully licensed and accredited to offer rehabilitation services. We are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) for our integrated behavioral health programs.

We are also CARF-accredited for our programs for alcohol and other drugs/addictions for both adults and criminal justice patients in the following areas:

CARF also commended Turning Point for our exemplary admissions process and individualized treatment plans. Find out more about CARF accreditation. In addition, all of Turning Point’s treatment programs are based upon the patient placement criteria set by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM).

Do You Let Teenagers Into Your Program?

Residential services are offered only to adults 18 years of age or older.

How Can I Be Sure My Treatment Will Remain Private?

Turning Point is committed to protecting the privacy of our patients. We adhere to all federal and state laws that protect such confidentiality.

Is Medical Detoxification Offered as Part of Residential Treatment?

Turning Point offers sub-acute, medically monitored detoxification from opiates and alcohol. All patients are assessed for continued treatment either within Turning Point’s continuum of care or that of another licensed treatment provider. Patients with co-occurring disorders, meaning substance use and mental health disorders, are detoxified and stabilized on their psychotropic medications.

My Situation Seems Complicated. How Do You Make Sure I Get What I Need in Treatment?

When our patients come to Turning Point, we look at all of their needs-physical, psychological, social, and spiritual. We then create a plan for care that is unique to each person, combining the traditional 12-Step model; individual, group and family counseling; education groups; and other treatment methods as needed.

Turning Point has evolved from one of the first residential addiction treatment providers to accept patients with co-occurring disorders into a clinically driven program that can, if needed, provide carefully integrated treatment for patients with complex combinations of substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders.

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