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Addiction Treatment Programs at Turning Point, Inc

Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment for Alcoholism & Drug Dependency in New Jersey

Turning Point offers a number of addiction treatment programs for our valued patients, all based on the client placement criteria the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) has established. The goal of a treatment program is not only to stop the addiction, but also to help people return as functioning and productive members of families, communities, and the workplace. Like other chronic illnesses, addiction can be successfully managed. Research has shown that most people who attend and remain in treatment stop using, decrease their criminal activity, and improve their social, occupational, and psychological functioning.

Our addiction treatment programs include:

Contact our office at (973) 380-0905 for more information and to find an addiction treatment program near you.

How Do You Find the Right Addiction Treatment Program?

    Part of the success stemming from treatment programs depends on the effectiveness of the treatment program. Here are a few things to look for in an excellent facility:

    A Record of Success

    While you may be considering cost as a factor in choosing a program, you also need to consider whether it is accredited and whether it has good reviews. Only former clients can honestly tell you how the program worked for them and whether or not the staff was helpful, knowledgeable, and kind. Make sure you visit the center before you actually attend treatment. You want to ensure the facility is clean and hospitable.

    A Strong Detox Program

    Detoxification (detox) is many times the first step to overcoming addiction. Our bodies can easily become dependent on the substances we consume. Caffeine is mildly addictive substance, and withdrawal of this drug can result in mild discomfort. However, more intensely addictive drugs can have severe withdrawal symptoms, including an uncontrollable craving for more of the substance. Symptoms can be both psychological and physical, and detox is best accomplished in a controlled environment, especially since some drug withdrawal can be life-threatening. A good addiction treatment plan will facilitate your recovery by helping you take the first step. These facilities will be medically managed, with trained staff who are experienced with the detoxification process.

    A Supportive Aftercare System

    Does the treatment program offer any post-detox care? Great programs will have methods for reintegration into society, such as halfway houses or transitional living. Those who continue treatment are more likely to recover from addiction compared to those who experience brief treatment and immediately return to their previous circumstances.

    At Turning Point, Inc. we are accredited and have provided effective treatment at our many New Jersey locations for more than 45 years. You could be admitted within 24 hours of your first call. Contact us at (973) 380-0905 or send your information online to start a conversation with us today.

    You Don’t Need to Go Far for Quality Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment

    At Turning Point, our patients know they have access to some of the most qualified staff in the nation. Our staff is led by Masters-level team members, licensed and credentialed in a variety of treatment areas. Their knowledge and experience directly benefit our patients on a daily basis.

    In addition, our residential and detox programs are medically monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are happy that our practice has inspired trust and confidence in our patients. When people come to Turning Point, they can depend on our medically-based programs and qualified staff.

    Whatever program you are admitted into, the process when you call is similar:
    • Call our office at (973) 380-0905 to schedule an assessment of your treatment needs.
    • We will ask you to provide documentation to find out about your eligibility for certain funding programs.
    • After we have determined your eligibility, we will provide you with an appointment date and time for entering treatment.

    History of Turning Point, Inc.

    Turning Point began in 1975 as a 10-bed residential substance abuse treatment program for men. Over time, our programs adapted to the changing needs of substance abusers in New Jersey. We have been honored to serve approximately 50,000 patients with a wide range of services for those struggling with addictions to alcohol and drugs.

    Today, our New Jersey drug and alcohol rehab center remains dedicated to serving our patients with excellence and compassion. Not only that, but our numerous nearby locations allow patients access to their strongest resource: family. Give us a call at (973) 380-0905 to learn about your recovery options.

    Turning Point is Certified by CARFcommission on accrediation of rehab facilities (carf) logo

    Our program is certified by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) for Integrated Behavioral Health in the areas of detoxification, residential treatment, outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment, and drug court treatment.

    CARF certification sets our center apart as adhering to the highest standards for care. Accreditation from CARF means that an agency strives to utilize client feedback to keep quality high and to maintain constant attention to quality.

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    Contact Our Offices in New Jersey for More Information

    If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact our non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Our professional, friendly, and courteous staff members can answer your questions about funding options, including our sliding fee scale, as well as insurance, admissions, and more. We have several locations for our patients’ convenience.

    Call Turning Point today at (973) 380-0905 to begin your journey of recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.

    Why Choose Turning Point?

    • Admission Starts 24 Hours After Initial Call
    • Helping Nearly 4,000 Patients A Year
    • We Are CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) Accredited
    • Effective Treatment For Over 45 Years
    • Multiple Locations In New Jersey

    Life is Full of Turning Points, Make Today a Good Turn. 

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