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Our Approach

Turning Points offers evidence-based treatment for men and women

Turning Point has been a leader in the addiction treatment field in New Jersey, providing compassionate and professional care to a diverse urban-suburban population as well as the underserved and marginalized populations in the State who could not otherwise afford treatment.
Our overall treatment philosophy is driven by six overarching principles: 
  1. Timely treatment which strives to reduce barriers and improve access to care;
  2. Patient-centred care that is respectful and responsive:
  3. Use of effective, evidence-based treatment strategies;
  4. Reduction of the stigma of individuals with substance use and related co-occurring disorders;
  5. Efficient use of fiscal and human resources;
  6. Accessible treatment for all, recognizing the diversity of those afflicted with the disease of addiction within the State of New Jersey

Turning Point embraces these guiding principles as the building blocks of our programs; they are consistent with our goals and mission.

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