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Drug & Alcohol Detox FAQ

Answers to Common Questions About Drug & Alcohol Detoxification

Get answers to some common questions about alcohol and drug detox!
  • 1. Are sneezing and coughing common symptoms of drug withdrawal? - Withdrawal symptoms vary from person to person depending on a wide range of factors, such as length of drug use, dosage of use, and method of quitting. [Read More +]
  • 2. Is “rapid detox” safe? - Rapid detox and ultra-rapid detoxification methods were popularized in the 1980s to treat people living with opiate addiction. Some studies suggest that the results differ little from traditional detox methods. [Read More +]
  • 3. What are some of the long-term effects of drug use on the brain? - Drug use can flood the brain with dopamine, which overstimulates the brain's reward and pleasure centers. Drug use can also change the brain's ability to make decisision, retain memories, and control behavior. [Read More +]
  • 4. Is weight gain common after quitting alcohol and drugs? - Some studies suggest a correlation between quitting alcohol and drugs to weight gain. This could be caused by something called "transfer-addiction." [Read More +]
  • 5. Is insomnia normal while detoxing? - Insomnia is a recognized symptom of withdrawal, and could be linked to Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome. Some people may even become addicted to alcohol because they have pre-existing insomnia. [Read More+]

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